Telecommunications network is essential to our lifestyle. However, you may be concerned with the price, procedures, support, etc. SIM Gold provides support through the telecommunications environment so that people especially from other parts of Asia can live in Japan with peace of mind.
SIM GOLD is “on your side” by realizing affordability, pleasant communication quality, and multilingual support.

FOUR commitments of SIM GOLD

  • 1.Coolness

    By using The Japanese major carrier line, we will provide stable communication speed and provide low-stress communication and phone call even in busy hours.

  • 2.Reasonable price

    While maintaining a definite level of communication quality, we offer an affordable price plan.

  • 3. Simple

    The entire process from the application to get payment can be completed on the Internet. By using multilingual sites, we reduce the language barrier and provide an easy-to-understand interface for everyone.

  • 4. Relief

    To respond to anything that you don’t understand and any problems, we provide multilingual support. The contract entry screen is also multilingual, so that you can apply with relief.

    • ※All the above plans are docomo line.
    • ※Each plan requires ¥3400 extra fee as issue fee.
    • ※The call fee of ¥20 will be charged for every 30 seconds when making a call with the call SIM


  • ●Setup SMS in data-only SIM: Monthly ¥150
  • ●Free 10 minutes telephone call by the call SIM: Monthly ¥850
    (※ If you exceed 10 minutes, there will be \10 call charge every 30 seconds)
  • ●Sharing Plan: Monthly ¥400 charges to each additional SIM cards. (3 cards for maximum)
  • ●Data charge: ¥1200 per 500 MB, and 3GB for maximum per a month.